Executive Coordinator

An Innovator at heart.

Maria is somewhat a hybrid professional with Biology, R&D, Innovation Consultancy and Management on her portfolio.

Maria has lift off her professional career by learning the ways of Biology followed by 10 years of R&D with published scientific articles, a PhD and two Post-docs in Health sciences as outputs. The urges for challenging herself, namely being involved in bringing innovative ideas from paper to market and see them thriving, led her to switch gears towards Management and Innovation consultancy. For almost four years Maria then worked as a project developer/ innovation consultant in a multinational Danish consultancy firm, Innovayt – during this experience, Maria has broaden considerably her innovation and managerial skill set and immersed herself in the most various business areas and fields of knowledge, ranging from medical devices to logistics or renewable energy technologies.

Along the way, Maria was lucky to have worked in various international set ups gaining substantial experience in multicultural social and professional settings – some examples are:  the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (Paris, France), Paraplegian Nacional Hospital (Toledo, Spain), National Institute for Medical Research (London, UK) and Trudeau Institute (New York, US).

You can find Maria in the theatre, reading a book, jogging, enjoying a glass of wine or dancing her favourite style, the Lindy Hop. She is also a sucker for finding new and exciting healthy recipes and ingredients.

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