UN has commited to
17 Life-Changing Goals in 2015.

Find out which ones will be directly impacted by B2E’s activity.

We support the following Sustainable Development Goals:

02 Zero Hunger

– By fostering and proving that aquaculture generates high quality, healthy and safe products and should be an integrated strategy of economic development, as it has the potential to contribute to overcome food supply needs in a sustainable way, helping to preserve maritime resources, while generating jobs.

– By promoting, stimulating and boosting an impactful fish production, with highly efficient animal feed options, making aquaculture processes more sustainable.

Discover how B2E is already creating buzz around aquaculture and contributing to inform society on its benefits.

12 Responsible Consumption and Production

– By encouraging consumers and companies towards eco-friendly products, waste reduction and recycling.

– By highlighting the importance of traceable and local seafood consumption, specifically aquaculture products.

– By emphasizing the need to consume marine origin products.

– By supporting national and international campaigns, projects and achievements aligned with these purposes.

Find out more on how you and/or your company may become a blue bioeconomy player. With simple everyday actions here.

13 Climate Action

– By promoting research, testing innovative solutions and cooperating with national and international key players in global actions to fight climate changes.

See what we have been up to.

14 Life Below Water

– By contributing to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources. Fostering a strategic management of wild marine species harvest, coupled with plans to deliver a more sustainable production operated under controlled conditions, is paramount for marine ecosystem health and services to be maintained. Consistency, security and quality of marine biomass supply for food or any other high-end use have to be balanced in ways that address environmental challenges and demands for sustainability. The fostering of biorefinery frameworks to secure the full valorisation of marine biological resources, strongly aligned with circular economy principles, must be based on well-defined research and innovation agendas with tangible goals.

Check our contribution to policy making agenda documents.

17 Partnerships for the Goals

– Cooperation is our way of life as well as creating mechanisms for companies to boost their products and services towards a more competitive national and international positioning. B2E believes this will be achieved through the establishment of valuable research-industry cooperation actions and synergies. Under this research-industry dynamic duo, B2E will bring dynamization and added value to diverse blue bioeconomy areas.

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