Inspired by the Ocean, Driven by the Market, Powered by Knowledge.

The Blue Bioeconomy Collaborative Laboratory (B2E CoLAB) is a private non-profit association operating full speed since 2020, focused on helping to shape a new blue bioeconomy, by bringing together research, education, innovation and business – for a better and more sustainable world.

The creation of CoLABs was an initiative of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education with the aim of implementing research and innovation agendas, creating economic and social value. Collaboratory Laboratories are recognized by FCT and the monitoring process is conducted by ANI, the National Innovation Agency.

What matters to us

To galvanize and support the three main blue bioeconomy sectors with the highest potential: Living Marine Resources, Marine Biotechnology and Sustainable Aquaculture.

What we do

Work daily to establish the most valuable synergies between Academia and Industry, and to promote economic and social value of those sectors by developing added-value bio-based products and services inspired by the ocean, and internationalization processes of national scientific and technological capacity and knowledge.

How we do it

Comprehensive Service Portfolio that ranges from product valorisation to staff capacitation (check it out here).

Ocean Literacy initiatives, consumer awareness campaigns, and stakeholder networking.

Active involvement in the definition, onset and implementation of common priorities, objectives, and targets to stimulate economic growth.

Our secret

B2E’s ability to succeed is greatly influenced by an invaluable network of Associates that includes:

Relevant private companies with expertise in aquaculture and biotechnology: Armona Fish Farms; Congelagos; EntoGreen; NAVIA; Safiestela; Savinor; SONAE MC; Sorgal and Sparos;

Renowned universities and research centres: University of Aveiro; CIIMAR; ICBAS and FCUP – University of Porto; ICVS/3Bs – University of Minho;

One Technology Interface Centre, INESC TEC, and the national sea cluster, Fórum Oceano.

B2E also relies on dedicated staff that is all about proactivity, enthusiasm, and creative thinking. We are lucky to have a diversified team that brings to the game experience in several Blue Growth areas, but also expertise in innovation, management, knowledge exchange processes, market, project management, communication, and dissemination events, etc. We are driven by cooperation, innovation, sustainability, integrity and audacity.

Welcome to our blue bioeconomy world

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