How many myths surrounding farmed fish have you heard? 

Do you have questions about the species, origin or freshness and flavour of fish?

To help in making good and informed decisions about seafood, B2E launched a few campaigns. Check them out!

AEIOU of Aquaculture

The AEIOU of Aquaculture

Do you know what Aquaculture is?

And which are the main produced Species in Portugal?

Find out the answers in our new campaign the “AEIOU of Aquaculture”! (Portuguese only).

This is B2E Blue Bioeconomy Colab’s newest campaign for children, which marks the 2022 European Maritime Day (May 20; Portuguese only).

The 10 Commandments of Seafood

B2E launches “The 10 Commandments of Seafood” to help consumers choose the freshest, healthiest, most environmentally and economically sustainable seafood.

Figure 1 - B2E Campaign: Oh No! After all, It’s a Myth! B2E clarifies myths about Portuguese and European aquaculture

"Oh No!" After all, It's a Myth!

B2E clarifies myths about Portuguese and European aquaculture, regarding the European Day of the Sea, May 20.

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