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B2E leads the Science-Market Connection

We bring together research, education, innovation and business on blue bioeconomy – for a better and more sustainable world.

What is blue bioeconomy

Discover the blue bioeconomy concept, understand the ocean's role and its impact on maintaining the world as we know it, and be ready to make a difference everyday - with simple actions - towards a healthier sea and planet.

Blue bioeconomy experts vision

Come take a look into the future of blue bioeconomy by the voice and invaluable knowledge of renowned experts, world leaders and comprehensive reports. Let them take you on this journey.

Ocean literacy for different audiences

Are you a student, teacher and/or an ocean enthusiast looking for activities, scientific contents or data?

Hands-on blue bioeconomy

Find out about our projects and get to know their real impact on business, education, climate change mitigation, research and policy making. See how B2E is helping to shape a new blue bioeconomy through projects.

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RDI Services

Contract Research

– State-of-the-art studies

– Diagnostics and problem-solving strategies

– Development and optimization of products, processes and services 
– Demonstration and validation of innovative solutions

Project Development and Managment

Communication and Dissemination

Welcome to our blue bioeconomy world

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