Client Management

“Launching and spreading innovation”

Joana was born in Porto in 1990 and spent all her life in her city of heart.

From an early age, she showed interest in several areas such as music, biology, microbiology, management… thinking that having several interests does not limit our horizons and makes us have a more comprehensive view of the world.

Her strong interest in science, nature and animals led her to a BSc in Microbiology, at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and later her interest in Management led her to opt for a master’s in service management, at Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto. She also completed her studies in Piano, at Academia de Música de Vilar do Paraíso.

Joana’s professional career has been keen on a multidisciplinary learning process, mainly on a business and entrepreneurial context, and intimately linked to a strong commercial approach, including the lauch of new products in the market, and project management.

She has worked in several areas such as: food sector analysis laboratory accredited by IPAC, study centers, dental clinic (Dizin Saúde SA), genetic clinic for diagnosis of rare diseases (CGC Genetics) and wastewater treatment company (Bluemater SA).

She recently joined the Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB believing that the project will be a value generator with potential to change Sea’s Economy scenario.

Joana is a “sand foot” spirit and you can easily find her by the sea, or with her animals!

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