Recovery and Resilience Plan_PBA_Algae Vertical (WP5)

Recovery and Resilience Plan_PBA_Algae Vertical (WP5)

Financial support from the RRP and the EU:


Plan | Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP)

Structuring Dimension | RE. Resilience

Support under | C05. Business Capitalization and Innovation

Investment Designation | RE-C05-i01.01 – Mobilizing Agendas/Alliances for Business Innovation

Consortium Leader | Inovamar, S.A.

Agenda Description | Advocating a new sustainable, innovative, and decarbonizing paradigm that finds solutions to the global challenge of terrestrial resource scarcity in the sea, the Blue Bioeconomy Pact brings together various national industries to develop new products, processes, and services derived from incorporating blue bioeconomy assets into new or existing value chains. This will have a positive impact on the environment, consumers’ lives, and national exports. The investment will target seven sectors, focusing on the application of biomaterials, a new paradigm for bivalve production, marine-based textiles, sustainability in the food sector, increased algae production, circular food solutions, bioinformatics for the fisheries sector, and three cross-cutting initiatives to accelerate the development and commercialization of sector products and services: the Portuguese Blue Biobanks network, a digital platform for the valorization of marine co-products, and the promotion of growth and internationalization of companies and SMEs.

The planned investment aims to: (i) Propel the development of a cutting-edge industrial economic sector based on the application of marine biore sources to multiple industries; (ii) Serve as a flagship example of the cross-cutting and ecological potential of marine biotechnology solutions; (iii) Position Portugal as a global pioneer in a sector estimated to reach €200 billion globally by 2030; (iv) Materialize the significant growth and innovation opportunities for marine industries (aquaculture, fisheries, canning) and differentiation for traditional Portuguese industries that are currently distant from the sea (textile, cork, fertilizers, human health).

Start Date | 01-10-2021

Completion Date | 31-12-2025

Total Investment | €133,084,957.80

MRR (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) / Next Generation EU Incentive | €93,838,407.60

Beneficiary Entity | B2E – Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB (B2E CoLAB)

Beneficiary Investment | €302,960.86

Beneficiary Incentive | €302,960.86

Objectives, Activities, and Expected Results | B2E CoLAB participates in WP5 (Algae Vertical), involving a total of 38 entities. The project aims to equip the national algae sector with the necessary capacity and competitive advantages, based on new sustainable products, processes, and services, to compete in global markets and elevate the national brand in the European blue bioeconomy. Specifically, the objectives of this WP are:

  1. Develop more sustainable and digitized production processes, resulting in increased productivity and cost reduction;
  2. Develop more sustainable harvesting, drying, and biomass transformation/biorefinery processes, utilizing blue biotechnology to obtain new high-value ingredients and value chains;
  3. Develop innovative algae-based applications for nutraceutical and cosmeceutical markets, pre-prepared meals and new foods for human consumption, new functional foods for aquaculture, and the development of new agricultural solutions (e.g., biofertilizers, biopesticides, and microbiota stimulants);
  4. Evaluate the necessary legal requirements for the approval of new products and processes and their market introduction.

Status | Ongoing

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