Recovery and Resilience Plan_InsectERA

Recovery and Resilience Plan_InsectERA

Financial support from the RRP and the EU:

Plan | Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP)

Structuring Dimension | RE. Resilience

Support under | Investment and Innovation

Investment Designation | Mobilizing Agendas/Alliances for Reindustrialization

Consortium Leader | Ingredient Odyssey, Inc.

Agenda Description |
InsectERA aims to enable the industrialization and commercialization of innovative products based on insects, both in the food sector (for animal and human consumption) and in other industries (cosmetics or bioplastics) as well as in the innovative field of bioremediation. The Mobilizing Agenda covers the entire innovation cycle, from R&D to the manufacturing and marketing of products in the market, relying on technologically advanced production. It represents a set of projects and business initiatives aimed at promoting the circular economy and leveraging the development of new high-value-added products, services, and solutions.

Start Date | 01-01-2023

Completion Date | 31-12-2025

Total Investment | €42,988,639.71 MRR (Recovery and Resilience Mechanism) / Next Generation EU Incentive | €28,660,263.12

Beneficiary Entity | B2E – Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB (B2E CoLAB)

Beneficiary Investment | €232,976.45

Beneficiary Incentive | €232,976.45

Objectives, Activities, and Expected Results |
B2E CoLAB is part of this consortium with 40 other partners, developing activities in different axes of a project that aims to:

  1. Create a new value-added production sector;
  2. Develop 100 new products, processes, and services;
  3. Create 140 new direct jobs;
  4. Generate new circular value chains;
  5. Establish the Insectopreneur Center;
  6. Create an Insect Training Network;
  7. Position Portugal at the forefront of the insect sector worldwide.

Status | Ongoing

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