eventsTwo collabies selected for UNESCO international course in Ocean Literacy

Two collabies selected for UNESCO international course in Ocean Literacy

Ana Rita Ribeiro and Ana Moura were among a short list of international candidates chosen to attend two UNESCO program courses, respectively: “Ocean Literacy: Why the ocean should matter to us all” and “iSea Stories: understanding the Ocean for media and press”, taking place during February/March.

“It was an inspiring and fulfilling journey that intensified even more my will to share ocean issues and implementing concrete actions towards a more sustainable blue bioeconomy”, said Rita Ribeiro after the 10.5 hours program.

Each course had around 30 participants from around the globe with different backgrounds, but with a transversal working and interest area.

“I was very pleased to attend iSea Stories. Besides its inspirational contents, having learned and networked a lot, I am sure it will push us out of our comfort zones into more goal and spot on-oriented activities”, revels Ana Moura after the 9 hour online course, with special videos and tips from international experts, including from renowned media personalities.

Both collabies are continuing to develop a special inhouse project that will soon see the light of day and they are also planning to apply the new ideas into future initiatives.

The Ocean Literacy training courses are developed by IOC-UNESCO, specifically targeting educators, media, and government officials. The training courses were hosted on IOC-UNESCO’s training platform, the OceanTeacher Global Academy. The project was made possible due to the support of the Government of Sweden, to whom B2E collabies would also like to express their gratitude. More editions of the Ocean Literacy Training Course will soon be available on the Ocean Teacher Global Academy Platform and will be online from April onwards.

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