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Sink or Swim – Maria Coelho B2E

Beach or countryside? 

 I honestly could not live without both! However, for the hot days of summer, beach is always on the menu. 


Swimming or sunbathing? 

Sunbathing, definitively (unless I am lucky enough to vacation in a location where the sea is really warm – in that case, it’s a tie!). 


Dog or cat? 

Dogs, cats, donkeys, rabbits…. Still, for the city life I live, I believe I can be a cat mom better than to the other species.  


Netflix or You Tube documentaries? 

I am a sucker for documentaries and I’m always looking for new ones, not necessarily the newest or trendiest – so I would say that youtube first and Netflix second. 


Facebook or LinkedIn? 

Facebook for personal usage and LinkedIn for my professional life 


Aquaculture or Wild fish? 

Aquaculture, primarily. Wild if caught respecting the natural stock restoration cicle and using sustainable catch methods. 


Meat or vegetables? 

I consume both and try to be very conscious on the respective production methods and amount I buy/consume. 


Coffee or Tea? 

Coffee any time, any day, anywhere. 


Nori Algae or Sea lettuce? 

Nori in my sushi and sea lettuce in smart salad. 


Sushi or Grilled Fish? 

Hard choices…. On a regular basis would say grilled fish, but do not wave a very nice fresh and tasty sushi from time to time. 



I am fascinated by both and think it really depends on several factors such as geographical context and farmed species. Still, I admit that IMTA steals my earth with all of its life diversity and interconnectivity, being a beautiful example of circular regenerative biology at its finest. 

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