NewsExploring synergies at Sea Eight: B2E promotes interaction between Associates

Exploring synergies at Sea Eight: B2E promotes interaction between Associates

Sustainability, Premium Quality, Innovation, Caring for Health, are a few concepts that define Sea Eight, the global leader in sustainable processes for farming the highest quality sole and B2E CoLAB Associate. That is why, following this daily basis improvement approach, Sea Eight is regularly visited and was a natural venue for the meeting promoted by B2E. The ultimate goal? Promoting synergies and exploring cooperation possibilities between the company, researchers in artificial intelligence from the University of Aveiro and NAVIA, the leading provider of operational management software for water utilities.           

“This is part of B2E’s mission and we always encourage this dialogue and collaboration between our Associates and companies in the blue and bioeconomy sectors. The feedback is that significant and crucial mindset alternatives and solutions might arise from this visit,” said B2E Technical-Scientific Coordinator, Elisabete Matos.

Since the creation of the CoLAB, the team has been investing in contact with all Associates and entities of the blue bioeconomy ecosystem, in several initiatives organized by B2E and other entities. An example of these initiatives was Blue WINK-E, held in December 2021, at the University of Aveiro, precisely the event where the seeds for this visit were planted.

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