eventsEmployment and Blue Economy in Focus at Ciência 2023 Conference

Employment and Blue Economy in Focus at Ciência 2023 Conference

A thematic session promoted by B2E CoLAB in partnership with +Atlantic, GreencoLAB, and S2Aqua

“Employment and Sustainable Circular Blue Economy” was the theme of a session organized by the collaborative laboratories B2E CoLAB, +Atlantic, GreencoLAB, and S2Aqua, which took place on Wednesday, July 5th, at 11:15 AM, in Amphitheater 23.16 of the Santiago University Campus in Aveiro, within the scope of Ciência 2023 – Conference on Science and Technology in Portugal. João Mendes Borga, member of the Directive Commission of the Thematic Program for Innovation and Digital Transition (Compete 2030), was the main speaker.

The role of sustainable blue economy in the country’s development, the technologies, practices, and innovative solutions developed by the collaborative laboratories, focusing on circular economy, sustainable aquaculture, algae valorization, and integrated marine resource management, were the topics of the thematic session organized by B2E CoLAB in partnership with +Atlantic, GreencoLAB, and S2Aqua.

Subordinated to the theme “Employment and Sustainable Circular Blue Economy,” this session was part of the Ciência 2023 Conference, an initiative that brought together the national and international scientific community, providing a comprehensive platform for interdisciplinary debate, knowledge sharing, and promotion of innovative solutions for current global challenges.

The program included an initial intervention by João Borga, representative of Compete 2030, followed by pitches from various speakers representing the participating collaborative laboratories. Joana Tomé, from B2E CoLAB, addressed the valorization of byproducts from marine origin and circular economy; Tiago Garcia, from +ATLANTIC, explored aquaculture as a perspective for a sustainable future; Pedro Pousão-Ferreira, from S2Aqua, discussed the new approach in food production through aquaculture; and Daniel Silva, from GreencoLAB, addressed blue biotechnology as a promising sector.

There was also a roundtable discussion with the participation of Ricardo Calado, researcher and specialist in Marine Biology and Aquaculture at the University of Aveiro, João Navalho, CEO of Necton, Luís Carlos Coelho, researcher specialized in Physics and Optical Sensors at INESC TEC, and Bernardo Ferreira de Carvalho, CEO of Oceano Fresco. The moderation was handled by Patrícia Gonçalves, from B2E CoLAB.

About Ciência 2023

Ciência 2023 Conference on Science and Technology in Portugal is a prominent event in the scientific community, held annually, bringing together scientists, researchers, companies, and other entities to discuss scientific and technological advancements, share knowledge, and foster collaboration. The 2023 edition, taking place from July 5th to 7th, focuses on the theme of the ocean, exploring science, technology, and innovation to drive a sustainable future in the field of the blue economy.


The +ATLANTIC a Portuguese non-profit Collaborative Laboratory that designs and provides knowledge-based products and services related to various fields of the blue economy, ocean sustainability, marine sciences, health of marine ecosystems, climate change, ocean literacy, and science communication. Its multidisciplinary team uses numerical modeling, remote sensing, data science, artificial intelligence, and space and ocean technologies to develop these products and services and collaborate on national and international projects.

About B2E CoLAB B2E

Ty, based at UPTEC Mar in Matosinhos, is a non-profit private association of universities, research centers, and private companies, guided by principles of circularity, sustainability, and social responsibility. The association, linked to Blue Biotechnology, operates in the areas of sustainable aquaculture, marine biotechnology, and valorization of living marine resources, aiming to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the construction of a greener and more resilient value-added economy.

About GreencoLAB

GreencoLAB is a private non-profit organization, a collaborative platform between research and industry, whose research and innovation agenda is based on the exploration of micro and macroalgae as essential components for the food, feed, nutraceutical, bioenergy, wastewater, and cosmetics industries.

About S2Aqua S2Aqua is a private non-profit institution founded in 2021, seeking to elevate Aquaculture to a new level. With a network of 16 partners and 49 qualified researchers, it aims to promote sustainable, intelligent, and innovative solutions for the sector. Its main objectives include optimizing production, identifying health bioindicators, adapting production systems to climate change, and driving technological development. S2Aqua also dedicates itself to knowledge transfer and strategic cooperation with its partners to transform Aquaculture into a stronger and more capable industry.

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