eventsB2E explores new business opportunities with Conservas Pinhais

B2E explores new business opportunities with Conservas Pinhais

The canned food industry might be a lucrative blue bioeconomy business area


The Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB and Conservas Pinhais are endeavoring new prospective collabs, in order to explore possible synergies between both entities. Recently, a B2E team group visited Conservas Pinhais facilities, including the new Museum Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour, getting to know all the production process and data concerning coproducts, and presenting B2E activities and our services portfolio.

B2E is collecting information on several blue bioeconomy industries in the scope of our internal projects. Besides the promotion of aquaculture products within the public, with two campaigns launched (“Oh No! Afterall, It’s a Myth!” and “The 10 Commandments of Seafood”), our team is also working on the projects “Marine coproducts Mapping” and “Intelligent Valuation of Marine Living Resources – RDIInfrastructure Mapping”.

Pinhais was founded in 1920 “remaining faithful to a traditional method of production that guarantees the highest quality and flavor of its products”, as the company’s website highlights. With more than 100 workers, it produces around four million cans per day. 95% of that goes to 27 markets around the globe.

According to the National Association of Canned Fish Industries (ANICP), the canning industry is to see remarkable growth in the coming years: double digits growth expectations. In fact, last year’s results already prove this trend: the demand for these products increased by 16%, with 72 thousand tons produced, more 11 thousand than in 2019, the equivalent of 365 million euros, 40 million more than in the previous year.

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