NewsSink or Swim – Teresa Catumba B2E

Sink or Swim – Teresa Catumba B2E

Beach or countryside?

Difficult choice… but I will go for my origins and choose countryside!

Swimming or sunbathing?


Dog or cat?

It depends on the moment😊, I have and love both, each one stands its irreplaceable space in my routines!

Netflix or You Tube documentaries?

Netflix documentaries allow for very good discussions!

Facebook or LinkedIn?

Definitely LinkedIn.

Aquaculture or Wild fish?

Usually I choose European aquaculture. The quality and sustainability depends more on geographic origin.

Meat or vegetables?

Vegetables in daily consumption, meat only sometimes.

Coffee or Tea?


Nori Algae or Sea lettuce?

I never ate sea lettuce, so I go for nori algae as that is part of Sunday sushi meals!

Sushi or Grilled Fish?

I’ll go for the Portuguese style cuisine, and I’ll choose Grilled Fish.


Why not both? 😃 

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