NewsCongelagos, the highest quality Portuguese seafood exporter, is B2E’s new associate

Congelagos, the highest quality Portuguese seafood exporter, is B2E’s new associate

Congelagos, one of the largest seafood transformation and freezing plant of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the most technologically advanced fish processing plants in the world, is B2E’s 15th associate. Located in Lagos, Portugal, the company is positioned to export the highest quality seafood. Congelagos has a 300-tone maximum daily processing capacity and can store 5,400 tons of frozen seafood.

The company’s integration was unanimously approved during B2E’s May 23 General Assembly.

“Congelagos is premised on the assumption that fishing is sustainable only if it protects the sea, sustains fishermen, meets the needs of the community, and serves the demands of the market”, explains the company within their website, also highlighting their promise to stabilize prices for fishermen.

The key Congelagos product value is “the best fish, captured in Portugal’s Atlantic waters”, “responsible fishing” by the “best professionals”, “quality assured through the processes and technologies of one of the world’s most advanced fish-processing and freezing factories”, “year-round delivery without loss of quality and in a close relationship with the customer”, “transparency” and “sustainability”.

Congelagos products include chub mackerel, Atlantic horse mackerel, blue jack mackerel, octopus, sardine, bogue, blue whiting and cuttlefish.

Recently, Congelagos and GoParity – Impact Investing teamed up and launched a campaign to reduce “Congelagos’ carbon footprint” by building a 913 kW photovoltaic plant in Lagos. It is the biggest solar energy project in GoParity’s history and a huge step in the Portuguese seafood sector, under an international scenario that urges the need for clean energy alternatives. You may join this fundraising campaign here.

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