NewsSink or Swim – Marta Santos B2E

Sink or Swim – Marta Santos B2E

Beach or countryside?

After more than two decades living on the windy north seaside of Portugal, I am ready for the countryside.

Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming for sure, with my 7-year-old mermaid!

Dog or cat?

I am a Dog person, having two of the most adorable rescue dogs you have ever met.

Netflix or You Tube documentaries?

Just documentaries…ever since I was a child I have watched them. One of my fondest memories was watching Jacques Cousteau documentaries on the Grupo Naval Povoense headquarters in Póvoa de Varzim.

Facebook or LinkedIn?

I am an open book, however with several chapters! Who you want to discover? Social Marta or Professional Marta?

Aquaculture or Wild fish?

I must go with European Aquaculture. The sea is our most rich ecosystem, but also the most fragile. Sustainability is paramount.

Meat or vegetables?

Confessed vegetable girl, but still very much omnivorous.

Coffee or Tea?

Yes, please!

Nori Algae or Sea lettuce?

Nori was a delightful culinary adult discovery. The only use I have given to sea lettuce was as a kid doing seawater, lettuce, and sand soup!

Sushi or grilled fish?

Nothing beats grilled fish, good company, and a Portuguese seaside.


Is this a trick question? Next!!! I believe it depends on the end purpose, both are extremely valid and not mutually exclusive. Did I swim??!! Where do I get my prize? Anyone?!?

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