NewsSink or Swim – Graça Teixeira B2E

Sink or Swim – Graça Teixeira B2E

Beach or countryside?

Beach. I was born by the sea! I love the smell of seaweed, listening to the symphony of the crashing waves, and… yes, I know it’s dangerous, but it’s amazing to see a bolt of thunder rip through the sky and fall into the sea!

Swimming or sunbathing?

Sunbathing. There’s nothing better than being “sprawled out” in the sun after a good swim.

Dog or cat?

Dog. The dog is a friend that knows how to thank you.

Netflix or YouTube documentaries?

YouTube. I don’t have Netflix. Haha!

Facebook or LinkedIn?

LinkedIn. I like to “pry” my partners.

Aquaculture or Wild fish?

Wild fish. I love seeing wildlife in their habitat. Aquaculture? Just on the plate.

Meat or vegetables?

Vegetables. They can be eaten raw and… they are more colorful.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! I confess my addiction…

Nori Algae or Sea lettuce?

Sea lettuce. It reminds me of my childhood.

Sushi or Grilled Fish?

Grilled fish. My food safety “side” still doesn’t make me comfortable with raw fish.


I think IMTA, but I still have some doubts… I’ve only been in this area for a while, I’m still learning about both systems, both have advantages.

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