NewsSink or Swim – Ana Rita Ribeiro B2E

Sink or Swim – Ana Rita Ribeiro B2E

Beach or countryside?

Both. Ideally, I would love to have a house in the countryside, but I wouldn’t give up having an ocean view, which has always been a significant part of my life. The dream? To have a country house, just five minutes from the beach.


Swimming or sunbathing?

Always swimming. I practiced swimming at FC Porto for a few years and other water sports, so I love swimming.


Dog or cat?

I love all animals and even wanted to become a veterinarian at one point. Later, I realized that biology encompassed everything related to nature. Today, I’m more of a dog person, although I still adore cats. I have a dog, a chicken, and would have more animals if I had the space and the time for them.


Netflix or YouTube documentaries?



Facebook or LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, I don’t have Facebook. I’m not very active on social media.


Aquaculture or Wild fish?

Both. One thing is certain: I always try to understand the origin and certification of what I consume.


Meat or vegetables?

Vegetables. But don’t get me wrong, I love meat. Just like with fish, I try to buy locally sourced and understand the origins. If I had to choose, I’d opt for vegetables because they are rich in various nutrients.


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee (I do love organic Earl Grey). Like many people, I’m addicted to coffee. The smell alone is incredible! Sometimes, the aroma is even more amazing than the taste.


Nori Algae or Sea lettuce?

Nori, although for me, Nori is associated with sushi. When I worked at 1300 Taberna in Lisbon, we prepared a dish that was a carpaccio of octopus with sea lettuce. It was a very delightful and tasty dish, and if it’s of national origin, even better.


Sushi or grilled fish?

I love sushi, but I have to choose grilled fish – it takes me back to summer holidays, to my childhood in Alentejo, where we had grilled fish practically every day for lunch. Family, friends, and grilled fish.



IMTA. In reality, I love RAS too. RAS is considered an efficient way to produce high-quality nutritious fish, and if combined with alternative energy sources, it can be even more efficient. On the other hand, as a biologist and lover of ecosystems, I always see IMTA as an approach to the ecosystem, but both are excellent production choices.

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