NewsB2E CoLAB committed to Gender Equality and Inclusion

B2E CoLAB committed to Gender Equality and Inclusion

B2E – Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB has implemented its Gender Equality Plan for the period 2023-2025. This initiative aligns with the organization’s core values of excellence, innovation, partnerships, public engagement, and sustainability.

The plan, crafted based on an internal assessment, underscores B2E CoLAB’s mission to foster a culture of equal opportunities, incorporating measures not only to promote equality but also to combat discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

“At B2E CoLAB, Gender Equality is considered a fundamental principle for our activities. Part of our mission involves promoting the creation of highly skilled job positions, encompassing all genders, actively contributing to the increased economic and social value of products and services,” reads the plan. It also emphasizes that the promotion of equal opportunities is evident “in recruitment processes, personal development of human resources, encouraging their growth, and in the daily work practices.”

Currently, 69% of B2E CoLAB’s workforce, totaling 13 individuals, comprises women, including their coordinator, Maria Coelho. At the board level, which consists of five members, there is a representation of 20% women among the total membership.

The document outlines various strategies and practices focused on continuous training, equality in working conditions, support for parenthood, balancing professional life with family and social life, and prevention of workplace harassment.

The plan showcases B2E CoLAB’s dedication to ensuring that gender equality is not only a written commitment but a tangible reality in the organization’s daily practices. This commitment is reinforced through the establishment of a continuous monitoring and evaluation system to ensure ongoing progress towards outlined objectives.

The Gender Equality Plan can be accessed here.

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