NewsB2E CoLAB at the Blue Careers and Jobs Fair

B2E CoLAB at the Blue Careers and Jobs Fair

On March 7th, at the Congress Centre of Porto Palácio Hotel, in Porto

The B2E – Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB (B2E CoLAB) will be present at the Blue Careers and Job Fair, representing six of its associates, namely CIIMAR, INESC-TEC, Sea8, Sparos, the University of Aveiro, and the University of Porto. The event will take place on March 7th at the Porto Palácio Hotel Congress Center in Porto.

B2E CoLAB will focus on highlighting the potential of training programs and careers in the blue sector from different institutions, emphasizing the diversity of opportunities in the blue bioeconomy. This includes areas such as higher education, research, entrepreneurial innovation, and sectors such as aquaculture, marine biotechnology, and living marine resources.

In addition to participating with a stand, a public presentation about B2E CoLAB is scheduled, recognized for its active role in promoting and developing blue careers.

Blue careers, associated with the growth of the blue bioeconomy and economy, represent a diverse and dynamic field that spans various sectors related to oceans and seas. The development of the blue bioeconomy stands out as a significant trend, providing employment opportunities, innovation, and economic growth.

Traditional sectors such as fishing, aquaculture, and processing industries coexist with opportunities in emerging sectors such as blue biotechnology, ocean renewable energy, among others.

Through the growth of these careers, the blue bioeconomy promises not only to provide economic opportunities but also to play a vital role in preserving marine resources and promoting sustainable development.

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