NewsMar and Matosinhos Cycle in discussion at the Municipal Market

Mar and Matosinhos Cycle in discussion at the Municipal Market

Sustainable Fishing Practices and Case Studies on Science and Blue Bioeconomy were the subjects of the two lectures of the cycle

Sustainable Fishing Practices on a 360º view

From social to environmental and economic, all sustainability aspects were addressed during the lecture Sustainable Fishing Practices, organized by B2E with the collaboration of Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos (CM Matosinhos), on September 20, at the Municipal Market.

With the participation of representatives from Docapesca, CoLAB + Atlantic, Estação Litoral da Aguda (ELA), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CIIMAR), examples of the best practices of Sustainable Fishing, based on science and technology, as well as the possible challenges and solutions available to the sector.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Docapesca, Sérgio Faias, highlighted the institution’s actions and results in the area of sustainability, namely through the promotion of fish from the Portuguese coast, such as mackerel and horse mackerel, with a lower carbon footprint, and the training of younger generations working in the fisheries sector, modernizing the blue bioeconomy.

The scientific, technological and innovation contributions that are being and can be used in response to Sustainable Fisheries were presented by researcher Luísa Barros, from CoLAB +Atlântic At the same time, she also presented Maçarico, their project of ​​ocean literacy, which involves students and reached more than 1500 children and teenagers in the first year of implementation.

From a local perspective, Michael Weber, from ELA, presented the Portinho da Praia da Aguda project and how this initiative can act as a bridge to the future of artisanal fisheries.

On behalf of MSC, the consultant for Portugal Rodrigo Sengo presented the institution’s certification program, as well as the commitments to sustainable fisheries certified in Portugal.

Finally, researcher Marisa Almeida, from CIIMAR, presented the NetTAG project, resulting from a partnership between fishermen and researchers, including our associates INESC TEC and the University of Aveiro, which aimed to prevent and reduce marine litter resulting from the fishing activity, through new technology and the adoption of good waste management practices.

The conference ended with a round table led by Elisabete Matos, B2E’s Technical-Scientific Coordinator, which brought together all the speakers in response to questions related to the various topics addressed.

A glimpse of selected Case Studies on Science and Blue Bioeconomy

September 26 marked the second event of this cycle, dedicated to pratical examples of projects within these subject, involving key companies and institutions, like our Associates, INESC TEC, NAVIA, SEA EIGHT and University of Minho (UMinho).

Luís Coelho from INESC TEC highlighted the importance of monitoring to improve processes and access all blue bioeconomy potential and resources.

A similar and more specific approach was followed by Jorge Tavares from NAVIA who talked about “Blue Economy Digitalization”. Jorge demonstrated the application of NAVIA software in the management of maritime structures, such as aquacultures and ports.

Filipe Areia from SEA EIGHT pointed out aquaculture as one of the solutions to answer the world population increase and its protein demand. He also presented SEA EIGHT systems as highly efficient and sustainable as they use recirculated water and have very reduced water losses.

From a more sustainable application and exploitation point of view, Tiago Henriques da Silva from UMinho/3B’s, brought to the discussion the many possible uses for co-products, such as in fish diets or in biomedicine.

After the talks, the session was then conducted by Maria Coelho, B2E’s Innovation Manager, who helped to clarify and discuss key topics of the lectures.

Both talks were organized by B2E within the Mar and Matosinhos Cycle, in the scope of the “Companies Month”, powered by CM Matosinhos. Check out all events and register here.

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