clippingB2E at Visão

B2E at Visão

Elisabete Matos, B2E Technical Scientific Coordinator, was quoted in an article entitled “What can we still do to save our ocean?” published in December at Visão (on December 16 issue magazine and online), emphasising that “aquaculture contributes to a reduction in fisheries”.

Next to renowned specialists presenting solutions for this issue, Elisabete Matos assured that feed diets are becoming “increasingly responsible and sustainable”. In fact, “The investigation of healthy diets for fish has improved a lot so that we have less flour to wild fish base. Currently, 30% of the feed used in Europe is already of by-products of the industry, namely canning, and catches fish accessories without commercial value. Ingredients used are already plant-based, and there are alternatives to arise and explore like insects and microalgae”.

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