NewsThe Ocean Post – Editorial Oct-Dec 2022

The Ocean Post – Editorial Oct-Dec 2022

The year was 2019 and the Blue Bioeconomy Colab, or simply B2E CoLAB, was created to boost the so-called Blue Bioeconomy, incorporating the collective willingness of relevant scientific and business entities coming from sea-related sectors. Not long after its inception, the first building blocks of its strategy, mission and values were placed namely eyeing the increase of economic and social value of products and services while creating high-skilled jobs within the sector. 


From 2020 onwards, the B2E CoLAB starts to establish itself as an important bridge between technology and business, knowledge and market; under the umbrellas of three blue bioeconomy sectors with the highest potential: living marine resources, marine biotechnology and sustainable aquaculture. 


Entering now its third year at full speed, the aim for 2023 is again to make an impact on those sectors: through several R&D projects and outstanding technical and scientific contributions; through own initiatives that promote sustainability and ocean literacy within the society; through services provided to national and international clients; and through the innovations B2E CoLABˋs vibrant team will ideate with our members and partners. Always inspired by the ocean, driven by the market and powered by knowledge.


Marlos Silva

R&D and Incentives Director at MC and President of B2E CoLAB 

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