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Sink or Swim

Our new communication manager at B2E CoLAB, Patrícia Gonçalves, is ready to make waves in this questionnaire! Let’s explore some of Patrícia’s personal preferences and her cherished interests.

Beach or countryside?

Without a doubt, I choose the beach. I have always been fascinated by the sea. It’s a refuge for me, both in winter and summer. From a young age, I sought the comfort of the beach, where I could pour out my thoughts in a journal, with the sea as my backdrop.

Swimming or sunbathing?

Swimming. I was a competitive swimmer for FC Porto and even participated in several open water crossings. When I’m at the beach, you’ll always find me in the water, even in the chilly waters of Porto.

Dog or cat?

My immediate response would be dogs, but after spending a few months caring for two cats, I have developed a great affection for them.

Netflix or YouTube documentaries?

I have been increasingly drawn to documentaries, and Netflix has been showcasing excellent quality content. Recently, I watched the Cambridge Analytica documentary, and I highly recommend it.

Facebook or LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been gaining more and more relevance. It’s fascinating to observe the power of establishing professional connections through this platform. However, in terms of personal use, I prefer a moderate balance on social media. When it comes to communication and marketing, I believe in exploring all available options.

Aquaculture or wild fish?

Without a doubt, I lean towards aquaculture. It is a safe and sustainable option for the future. However, I support the consumption of wild fish as long as it is obtained responsibly and sustainably.

Meat or vegetables?

Grilled meat on the barbecue. A barbecue with friends is an evening filled with the promise of good food and great company.

Coffee or tea?

Ah, the eternal debate! There is no morning without at least two coffees. Otherwise, a headache is guaranteed.

Nori algae or sea lettuce?

Crunchy nori algae! It’s something I tried recently and became an unconditional fan. I need to learn how to make it at home!

Sushi or grilled fish?

Sushi. Not only for the explosion of flavors, but also because there is something enchanting about the art and precision of sushi. Irresistible!

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