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Sink or Swim

Diana is a former scientist with more than 10 years’ experience in academia. She is now part of the B2E CoLAB team as a project manager. See what she said in Sink or Swim.

Beach or countryside?

I prefer the beach for longer periods of time, however, being in the countryside is also refreshing and a wonderful way to relax.

Swimming or sunbathing?

I will personally choose sunbathing more than swimming. But I will do both If the water is really warm and I have marine species to do some snorkelling.

Dog or cat?

In an apartment, a cat is the best choice for me, because is cleaner, more independent, and easier to entertain. One day with a garden, I would definitely have both.

Netflix or You Tube documentaries?

Netflix! I have more choices.

Facebook or LinkedIn?

Even though they are not comparable I use more LinkedIn for professional reasons.

Aquaculture or Wild fish?

Both, as long as they are fresh.

Meat or vegetables?

I have iniciated my own movement of eating less meat since 2019 and increased my take of vegetables to improve nutrition and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Coffee or Tea?

Tea, preferably without cafeine.

Nori Algae or Sea lettuce?

They are both delicious.

Sushi or grilled fish?

I like them both.


RAS for nursering (hatchery) and use of existing structures and IMTA to maintain fishes on the natural habitat.

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