NewsBlue Wink-E 2023 discussed the future of financing in the blue bioeconomy

Blue Wink-E 2023 discussed the future of financing in the blue bioeconomy

The Blue Wink-E 2023 Conference, organized by B2E – CoLAB for the Blue Bioeconomy, brought together experts and industry leaders to discuss innovative financing strategies, highlighting the crucial role of sustainability in this fast-growing area. Held at the Infante D. Henrique Auditorium in Matosinhos on November 30, the event provided a comprehensive overview of “How to Finance the Blue Bioeconomy”.

With the organization of the Blue Wink-E 2023 Conference, B2E CoLAB reinforced its commitment to leading meaningful discussions and driving initiatives that strengthen the blue bioeconomy, promoting a sustainable and innovative future. This was reinforced by the vice-president of the B2E CoLAB board, António Isidoro, in his opening speech at the conference.

High-level round tables delved into topics such as “Financial Innovation: Instruments and Strategies”, featuring Filipe Grilo, consultant at Porto Business School, Gonçalo Faria, coordinator of Hub Azul Portugal, and João Pereira, investment director at Portugal Ventures. Another crucial moment was the discussion on “Financing Challenges and Opportunities: Case Studies”, with the presence of Hermano Rodrigues, Principal at Ernst & Young, Tânia Ferreira from Sea4us, innovation manager at the company Sea4Us, and Nuno Mangas, president of Compete 2030.

With the central theme around “How to Finance the Blue Bioeconomy”, the conference featured Carlos Zorrinho, Member of the European Parliament, who shared insights on the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the search for sustainable financing for blue projects.

In addition, Blue Wink-E 2023 presented “Blue Connect”, a prominent space for innovative startups from the Blue Bioeconomy. Six pioneering companies, such as Aquaponics Iberia, Fykia Biotech, Bluman, PinkTech, Seaentia and Inclita SeaWeedSolutions, presented innovative solutions and projects, contributing to a practical dialog on the sustainable future of marine resources.

The closing session of the conference was led by Marta Pontes, Matosinhos City Council’s Councillor for Economic Activities, who highlighted the position that the Municipality is taking in the area of the sea economy, both nationally and internationally.

Photos of the event can be found on the B2E CoLAB LinkedIN page.

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