NewsBlue bioeconomy: commitment and collaboration

Blue bioeconomy: commitment and collaboration

Portugal is facing a unique opportunity to develop the economy of the sea and, in particular, the blue bioeconomy. I’m talking precisely about the mechanisms that have been made available to companies, specifically the Mar 2030 and Compete 2030 programmes, part of Portugal 2030, with funding from various European funds.

In this way, Portugal gains the opportunity to position itself in the areas of innovation and sustainable development, increasing its competitiveness at an economic level too. The two programmes currently have more than 20 funding calls, with more than 170 million euros available for investment in areas such as sustainable fishing, sustainable aquaculture, protection and restoration of marine ecosystems and innovation linked to the sea.

But while the funding amounts are important, the impetus for achieving the goals lies in cooperation between companies, research centres and collaborative initiatives such as B2E CoLAB. A collaborative network is essential for going beyond the conventional, because it broadens access to diverse resources such as funding, technology and national and international market opportunities.

B2E CoLAB, in addition to supporting the preparation of applications and providing expert technical advice, promotes a strategic union between universities, research centres and companies. Our collaboration not only offers guidance on navigating the complex regulatory landscape, but also focuses on the essential goals of each project. That’s why companies looking to participate in the Mar 2030 and Compete 2030 programmes can find B2E CoLAB as a strategic partner. By providing support in analysing legal requirements, identifying potential collaborations and supporting project implementation, B2E CoLAB is an important catalyst for innovation.

Portugal undoubtedly wants to move towards a more sustainable and innovative future in the blue bioeconomy, but also to gain competitiveness and economic strength in this sector. Let’s work together to fulfil these objectives.

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