NewsB2E Technological Sonar Initiative #8

B2E Technological Sonar Initiative #8

B2E presents the eighth edition of our Technological Sonar initiative, a monthly selection of national and international initiatives to retain, within the scope of new patents and technologies in ​​the blue bioeconomy sector.




  1. A visit to the octopus farming pioneers

Nueva Pescanova’s plans for starting the world’s first commercial octopus farm may have caused an uproar in some quarters of the mainstream media, but aquaculture of the animals could be the best hope for sustaining wild stocks.

In The Fish Site.

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  1. Antibodies against aquaculture disease-causing agents and uses thereof

Described herein are methods and antibodies useful for reducing, eliminating, or preventing infection with a bacterial or viral population in an aquatic animal. Also described herein are antigens useful for targeting by heavy chain antibodies and VHH fragments for reducing a bacterial or viral population in an aquatic animal.

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  1. Remote sensing big data for aqua culture monitoring

The building of an intelligent fish farm is significantly more complicated than the creation of other intelligent farm initiatives. Sensor dependability and service life, as well as robustness and accuracy is mainly accounted. The entire system is designed on the basis of cloud based big data storage. The system is planned to be powered by solar panels. As a result, the method could perform real-time real time monitoring of aquaculture water quality and had a significant practical impact in terms of labour intensity reductions, marine product quality enhancement, and water environment protection.

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Living Marine Resources


  1. Marine Demospongiae: A Challenging Treasure of Bioactive Compounds

The natural compounds/extracts isolated from Demospongiae and their associated microorganisms with important biological activities for pharmacological applications such as antiviral, anticancer, antifouling, antimicrobial, antiplasmodial, antifungal and antioxidant.


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  1. Portuguese scientists are making hamburgers and sausages with seaweed

The ProReMar project wants to produce sustainable food products — and that will please even those who do not like fish.

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  1. Method of manufacturing dolomite concrete using crushed sea shell as fine aggregate

The present invention relates to concrete composition for the construction industry. The concrete composition comprises cement, fine aggregates, dolomite powder and crushed sea shells. The dolomite powder is in the range of 2.5 % to 10 % and crushed sea shells are in the range of 20 % by weight. The concrete composition of the present invention has very good compressive strength when compared to conventional concrete.


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  1. Antihypertensive food ingredients for companion animal applications

Marine peptide product derived from by-products of fish processing is provided. In particular, an animal food product, such as a biscuit, comprising marine peptides is provided. This product has health benefits including antihypertension activities.

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Marine Biotechnology


  1. LOLIWARE introduces first-of-its-kind seaweed pellet technology to replace plastics

LOLIWARE, the SEA Technology™ creator, announced that they have developed the first seaweed pellet created from natural biomaterials to replace plastic at scale.

In Cision

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  1. Irish start-up Zoan is using coral to 3D-print human bone grafts

Zoan BioMed, based in Galway, is partnering with 3D bioprinting company Cellink to use coral in a bid to change orthopedic procedures forever.

In Silicon Republic

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  1. Sea lice vaccines

Proteins derived from secretory/excretory products of Lepeophtheirus salmonis, including recombinant proteins, DNA encoding the proteins, vaccines and antigens comprising the proteins or the DNA, and uses thereof for the prevention or treatment of sea lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis or Caligus rogercresseyi) in fish, and related methods of treatment.

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  1. Produce, isolate and/or extract collagen and/or gelatin from animal cell lines and/or tissue explants

The present invention relates to methods produce collagen and/or gelatin in marine animal cell lines and/or tissue explants and isolate and/or extract collagen and/or gelatin from said marine animal cell lines and/or tissue explants.

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