NewsB2E CoLAB joins Matosinhos Economy Advisory Council

B2E CoLAB joins Matosinhos Economy Advisory Council

B2E – Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB has been invited to join the newly established Matosinhos Economy Advisory Council by the Matosinhos City Council in Portugal. The main objective of this body is to promote the economic development of the municipality and attract investment.

The Matosinhos Economy Advisory Council is tasked with conducting studies and making proposals to attract and encourage investments aligned with the Municipality’s strategies, providing opinions on economic development strategy and investment attraction, contributing to the creation of sustainable employment, supporting the implementation of municipal policies, and monitoring specific projects, among other duties.

In this context, B2E CoLAB emerges as a prominent institution in the blue economy and bioeconomy sector, contributing its specialized knowledge and experience. The integration of B2E CoLAB, particularly in the “Blue Economy and Green Energies” and “Innovation” working groups of this advisory council, highlights the growing importance of the blue bioeconomy as a vector for sustainable economic development for Matosinhos and the region.

The Matosinhos Economy Advisory Council encompasses different sectors of the local economy and includes representatives from various entities, including companies, business associations, educational institutions, civil society organizations, and unions. The general council, chaired by the Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, is responsible for approving the internal regulations, proposing and approving changes to the membership list, creating and extinguishing thematic advisory councils, among other competencies.

This step reinforces B2E CoLAB’s commitment to the sustainable economic development of Matosinhos, demonstrating its dedication to contributing to the formulation of inclusive and effective local policies that drive the region’s progress.

Based at UPTEC Mar, in Leça da Palmeira, B2E CoLAB is a private non-profit entity aiming to add value to the economy and society. In the field of blue bioeconomy – aquaculture, marine biotechnology, and living marine resources – B2E CoLAB operates in various areas, such as cooperation and collaboration with partners (research centers, universities, companies, and technological interfaces) and national and international stakeholders, providing guidance to producers and entrepreneurs in seeking and obtaining financial support, tailor-made human resources training, development of strategies and market analyses, knowledge protection and valorization, and promotion and communication.

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