newsletterB2E CoLAB invited to European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Plataform

B2E CoLAB invited to European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Plataform

B2E – Blue Bioeconomy CoLAB has been invited to join the European Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Platform (EATIP). This invitation marks a significant step for B2E CoLAB and for Portugal, promoting innovation and sustainable development in the blue bioeconomy sector.

EATIP serves as a leading platform in Europe, bringing together experts, research institutions, businesses, and governmental organizations to promote sustainable development in the aquaculture sector. Its mission is to strengthen the relationship between aquaculture and consumers, ensure a sustainable aquaculture industry, and consolidate the role of aquaculture in society as a crucial source of food, job creation, and economic development.

The integration of B2E CoLAB into EATIP provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge, participate in joint projects, and contribute to innovative solutions in aquaculture. By connecting science, education, innovation, and business, B2E CoLAB plays a crucial role in promoting the blue bioeconomy in Portugal and Europe.

B2E CoLAB serves as the Mirror Platform of EATIP in Portugal, representing multiple stakeholders oriented towards the aquaculture industry. It plays a crucial role in implementing strategic research and innovation activities at the regional/national level, facilitating the collection of knowledge, opinions, and priorities of these stakeholders. Additionally, Portugal is represented by two B2E CoLAB associates: Sparos in the business sector and CIIMAR in research centres.

With great enthusiasm and commitment to innovation and competitiveness in Europe, B2E CoLAB joins EATIP as an active member. This partnership solidifies our dedication to promoting innovation, knowledge transfer, and advancement in the blue bioeconomy.


B2E CoLAB is a non-profit private entity aiming to add value to the economy and society. In the field of the blue bioeconomy – aquaculture, marine biotechnology, and living marine resources – B2E CoLAB operates in various areas, including cooperation and collaboration with associates (research centres, universities, businesses, and technological interfaces), national and international stakeholders, advisory services for producers and entrepreneurs in seeking and obtaining financial support, tailored HR training, strategy development and market analysis, knowledge protection and enhancement, and promotion and communication.

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