NewsThe future that is unfolding is blue

The future that is unfolding is blue

The Blue Wink-2023 conference is an event proudly organized by B2E CoLAB, a key initiative representing the convergence of the academic world, research, and industry. Over the past four years, B2E CoLAB has played an increasingly important role in the development and promotion of the blue bioeconomy in Portugal.

This conference is, therefore, a natural extension of B2E CoLAB’s efforts to drive collaboration, innovation, and growth in the sector. It is a testament to our organization’s commitment to creating an environment conducive to investment, research, and sustainability in the fields of aquaculture, blue biotechnology, and the valorization of living marine resources.

This year, the Blue Wink-E conference takes on a new format and dimension. Under the theme “Financing the Blue Bioeconomy,” it brings together industry leaders, financial experts, government representatives, and other key stakeholders to discuss financing solutions and strategies. We have managed to assemble an excellent panel.

The theme is current. The need for investment in innovative sustainable solutions requires financial approaches that are also innovative and adapted to the most pressing needs of research and development, as well as industry. Furthermore, with the increasing concerns about environmental sustainability and social responsibility, financiers are also becoming more interested in investing in projects aligned with these issues, aiming to derive the maximum impact, not only at the economic but also at the social level.

Throughout the event, we will explore innovative financial models, instruments, and financing strategies, as well as real case studies that demonstrate how proper funding can drive economic resilience, innovation, and sustainability in blue bioeconomy projects.

This conference is not just a meeting. It aims to be a catalyst for change. Portugal can be a beacon in promoting sustainable ocean exploration, marine conservation, and economic growth.

I warmly invite you to participate in Blue Wink-2023. We have a date set for November 30th in Matosinhos!

Best regards,

Maria Coelho

Executive Coordinator of B2E CoLAB

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