NewsSink or Swim – Ana Moura B2E

Sink or Swim – Ana Moura B2E

Beach or countryside?

I would choose the beach forever if I had to, although I like to spend a weekend from time to time in the countryside.

Swimming or sunbathing?

Sunbathing. One of my favourite things in life is sunbathing while reading a book.

Dog or cat?

Both, as long as they are not too big (I am a little scared of big dogs).

Netflix or YouTube documentaries?

Netflix documentaries, Netflix series, Netflix films – and yes, I’m a binge-watcher.

Facebook or LinkedIn?

I’ll share no news here, LinkedIn is a must for professional matters, Facebook is now losing users and struggling to keep young people, and among millennials and gen z, Instagram and Tik Tok are the social media to be in. I am not usually an early adopter, but Instagram was love at first sight. Insta and Tik Tok are great to unwind, and LinkedIn is starting to go a little bit on that direction, and I think that is a great catch/spin as long as it is not that much. To each their own.

Aquaculture or Wild fish?

When there are booth options, local, national or European seafood is my go-to. As a true Portuguese inhabitant, I just must mention codfish, as I just love it and almost all the 1001 codfish recipes out there.

Meat or vegetables?

Meat is a (really) nice to have, vegetables are a must. I think they also go with the saying, “An apple a day…”

Coffee or Tea?

My winter routine includes a coffee and a cup of tea a day. No sugar added, because I made myself get used to it, to balance my sweet tooth 😊.

Nori Algae or Sea lettuce?

Nori with or without sushi! It works beautifully as a wrap.

Sushi or Grilled Fish?

Both! As long it’s a really fresh, national or European-origin fish option, I will be globally happy with my choice. Delicious, safe and sustainable. What else?


I think it depends on the overall objectives, structure, costs… I´ll ask it to my expertise colleagues and will start right away thinking about how that is going to reach the news, social media and overall dissemination 😉.

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