“Knowledge explorer and challenge overcomer”

Isabel Costa is an Innovation Officer at Blue Bioeconomy CoLab, and her mission is to support the design and implementation of innovative projects that benefit the society and the economy through the valorisation of marine bioresources. She studied at the University of Porto, where she completed her BSc in Aquatic Sciences (ICBAS), her MSc in Environmental Engineering (FEUP), and her PhD, in the area of estuarine ecology and modelling, in 2008. During and after her PhD, she worked in several projects aiming the ecological quality assessment and rehabilitation of freshwater, estuarine and coastal ecosystems, at ICBAS and the Porto water company, Águas do Porto. Since 2012, she has been a researcher at CIIMAR-UP, working in projects concerned with seaweed production and valorisation, namely development of seaweed aquaculture and reforestation methods, mapping of seaweed natural stocks for sustainable management, and exploring new uses for seaweed biomass. Having lived by the sea most of her life, one of her favourite things is to walk or cycle by the shore feeling the seabreeze in her face, inspiring her for work and life.

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