NewsCiao Italia! B2E takes 4 entities to Aquaculture Europe 2022

Ciao Italia! B2E takes 4 entities to Aquaculture Europe 2022

All is set for a new and special edition of Aquaculture Europe 2022, September 27-30, in Rimini, Italy, with B2E event coverage and organization of a dedicated and collaborative booth at the international tradeshow, representing five key Portuguese sector organizations.

Meet the Portuguese institutions B2E is taking to Rimini

On the companies’ side, you may get to know Entogreen, that presents insects as a sustainable solution for the whole bioeconomy sector and Seaentia, the Science based meagre producer. The renowned Egas Moniz – Cooperative of Higher Education and INESC TEC – Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science, among B2E CoLAB, complete the entities represented. Visit us at booth 22.

Besides the collaborative booth, as one of the top sector’s events, there is also a dedicated Portuguese area promoted by B2E.

Remember these lucky numbers: 12, 22, 23 and 24

The Pavilion of Portugal, a national prestigious group of Portuguese aquaculture representatives includes Soja de Portugal (booths 23 and 24) and Necton (booth 12).

B2E will also promote networking among all the tradeshow participants and the represented institutions, as well as organize a dedicated program with several initiatives and coffee-breaks. More to come during the event!

With an estimated participation of hundreds of visitants, this event will be a great opportunity to expand business contacts and leads.

About the event

Aquaculture Europe is organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS) and this edition will focus on the theme “Innovative Solutions in a Changing World”. Besides the tradeshow, the event offers several conferences, the latest scientific discoveries, an Industry Forum, Innovation, RAS@EAS Event, among other topics.

Climate changes and sustainable diets are on the top of researchers and producers’ minds. How aquaculture is facing these challenges and possible solutions to develop a sustainable, responsible and productive and climate neutral European aquaculture sector for key marine and freshwater fish, shellfish and algal species are the main themes for this AE2022 edition in Rimini.

Watch the meeting’s promotional video, that includes tourism information here.

For more information, please consult AE 2022 brochure.

Why Rimini?

The data reveal that Rimini is the Italian province with the largest number of Blue Economy businesses. Tourism, fisheries and aquaculture are the most prevalent sectors by number of blue jobs. This makes “Rimini is the perfect image of the blend of natural and cultural Mediterranean heritages and modern and dynamic aquaculture, where different traditions of valliculture, freshwater and marine farming traditionally coexist in inland, coastal and marine waters, operated by small cooperatives and large consortia of aquaculture producers”, according to AE organizers, setting up what we hope will be a great event to explore blue bioeconomy and specially Portuguese aquaculture.

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