NewsB2E CoLAB took part in Startup Portugal Hangout

B2E CoLAB took part in Startup Portugal Hangout

The financial manager of B2E CoLAB, Nuno Carvalho, was one of the guest speakers at the past event “Hangout #25 // How Do We Measure IMPACT?” scheduled for Wednesday, February 28th. The event could be attended in various ways: in person at Selina in Porto, or at Ferroviário in Lisbon, or through live streaming. This event, integrated into the Above & Beyond Hangouts initiative promoted by Startup Portugal, represented an enriching opportunity to explore the theme of “Impact” in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The central focus of the event was on analyzing relevant metrics to assess the impact of startups, as well as the challenges associated with quantifying concrete changes. The approach also covered the complexity of impact reporting, with special attention to combating the practice of greenwashing, ensuring transparency and accountability in representing a startup’s contributions to society and the planet.

“Hangout #25 // How Do We Measure IMPACT?” took place on February 28th, starting at 5:30 PM, and featured not only the participation of B2E CoLAB’s financial manager, Nuno Carvalho, but also the presence of Rita Casimiro, Partner – MAZE Impact, Maud Schijen, co-founder of Root Sustainability, Ricardo Pimentel, Impact Investor at Fundação Ageas, and moderation by Pedro Lopes, founder and CEO of Cachupa Creative Studio.

Participants had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the landscape of impact-oriented startups, discovering strategies and best practices to amplify positive changes on a broader scale. Additionally, the event highlighted the often overlooked aspect of economic sustainability in startups and their role in the development of local economies. The Above & Beyond Hangout is a monthly gathering for all those who contributed to the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem. It took place in Lisbon and Porto, providing an excellent opportunity to bring together stakeholders at all levels who wished to contribute to overcoming the challenges of the entrepreneurial community.

News updated on 29 February

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